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Veg Bouquets

Kids’ Corner

Kids’ Corner 2048 1366 The Editor

Ice Cube Sail Boats You will need: Disposable cups (cut in half) Paper straws Sticky tape Coloured paper Scissors* Hole punch * Children should be supervised when using scissors. Method: First bend your straw and tape to the bottom of your cup, you might need to trim the straw to make it fit properly. Fill the cup with water and…


Southsea Food Festival

Southsea Food Festival 2048 897 The Editor

Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th July 2017 A Recipe For Success Take the very best cuisines, an independent and unique vibe, a gentle sea breeze, a friendly and energetic atmosphere and mix together for the perfect food festival… Festival Recipe: Carefully weigh out over 50 stalls of foodie offerings Heat gently with exciting taste sensations Stir in a vibrant mix…


Eat Street

Eat Street 1200 825 The Editor

These days, there are lots of people selling food out of vans, their kitchens or off market stalls, but this wasn’t always the case… The street food movement has had something of a revolution over the past decade, with the variety of food on offer reaching gourmet levels and even Michelin stars! Street food’s popularity could be down to its…


Art vs Beer

Art vs Beer 1250 884 The Editor

Taste of Portsmouth Guest Artwork – Emma Nicol Our amazing artwork for the centre spread is from Emma Nicol an illustrator and designer who lives in Southsea. Based in her studio by the sea, Emma creates custom embroidered and applique homewares, inspired by your favourite people and places. She has an obsession with all things creative, if it can be…

Fire & Smoke

Fire & Smoke 2000 1333 The Editor

Barbecuing is the world’s oldest method of cooking, every culture seems to have its own version of it, from the South African Braai; the Hawaiin Luau or the Argentine Asado, we all love the ritual of cooking in the open air over a burning flame.. When it comes to what you are throwing on the barbie, meat is king. Visit…

Local Products Focus

Local Product Focus

Local Product Focus 477 741 The Editor

All About Tea

All About Tea

All About Tea 1500 1000 The Editor

Swimming in milk, a slice of lemon, heaps of sugar, just plain or with the bag left in; we all like our tea to be prepared in different ways. It was being sold in British coffee shops in the 17th century, but it was mainly the wealthy who enjoyed a nice cuppa as it was still considered too expensive for…


A Little Piece of Victory

A Little Piece of Victory 1382 922 The Editor

Award-winning oak-aged gin recently launched on board the HMS Victory… The Isle of Wight Distillery’s limited edition Oak Aged HMS Victory Navy Strength Gin recently celebrated its second release on the 7th May, having been aged for a further seven months. The gin was launched at a special event held on board HMS Victory in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard. The Distillery,…

Top Five Fish and Chips

Top Five Fish and Chips 1500 1000 The Editor

It’s national fish & chips day, so we thought we’d share with you our top 5 fish and chips stops in Portsmouth. There is nothing more British than fish and chips. Freshly cooked, piping hot, smothered in salt and vinegar – it simply cannot be beaten! But did you know that fish and chips are good for us nutritionally. They’re…

Ice Lollies

Ice Lollies 874 1240 The Editor

Ice Lollies A healthy treat to make with the kids and keep them busy over the summer holidays… Avocado Coconut:113 g Avocado78 ml Coconut milk6 tbsp Raw sugar/ honey170 g Sweetened shredded coconut flakesStrawberry Yogurt:150 g Strawberries90 g Caster sugar500 g Natural yogurtFruit Salad:1 Peach (1cm slices)2 Kiwis (peeled & sliced)75 g Blueberries110 g Strawberries (halved)500 ml White grape juiceSummer…

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