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These days, there are lots of people selling food out of vans, their kitchens or off market stalls, but this wasn’t always the case…

The street food movement has had something of a revolution over the past decade, with the variety of food on offer reaching gourmet levels and even Michelin stars! Street food’s popularity could be down to its authenticity, the fact that it is cooked fresh to order and, of course, that often it’s sold at very reasonable prices. The popularity shows no sign of waning and has given birth to a brand new style of eatery – the street food restaurant.

Eat Street

Here you can expect a range of flavours and fusions between east and west. Take Umami on Elm Grove. Your tastebuds will go on a ride; American-style burgers, wraps filled with Lebanese herbs and spices, and their own secret blend of sauce. The name itself gives some hint as to what to expect – Umami means ‘the 5th taste’, describing an individual’s original taste beyond the four basics – sweet, sour, bitter and salty.

The owners of 6oz burgers, home of some of the best burgers around, have recently started a new venture. Two Doors Down (literally, as well as in name) brings the feel of a street food market. The owners could not narrow down what cuisine they wanted to focus on and so decided to incorporate a range of cuisines. Dishes include crispy seared tuna; California quinoa salad and sweet churros.

Events such as Victorious Festival on the 25th, 26th and 27th August showcase some of the best in local street food vendors. Expect to see The Gourmet Grilled Cheese Co and Feed Hot Dog Co amongst others.


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